Hospital introduction

Cinderella is creating worldwide beauty by 3-Ever spirit.

Realization of dream

Cinderella will help you have the appearance you’ve been always dreamed of. In order to realize everyone’s dream of getting everlasting beauty, Cinderella is making progress with continuous passion and effort.

No.1 Global Cinderella in the World

Everyone in the world is considering Korea’s Plastic Surgery as one of the best. And they are coming to Korea in order to receive quality medical service. Cinderella cosmetic surgery group’s goal is being recognized by customers in cosmetic surgery industry.

Realization of all the hopes about plastic surgery

Cinderella pursues the original, the best, and the differentiation. We first started Celebrity Plastic Surgery, and we offer the best medical service that can complete everything at one place through 8 cooperative system. We will continue to create differentiated brand-new operation, system and service.